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Either you've called/messaged "Dr. Harleen Quinzel" or you're calling Harley Quinn. Either way your messages will get routed to here!


"This is Dr. Quinzel. I'm out of the office at this time. If this is an emergency please call the hospital. Otherwise please leave a message and I'll get back to you as soon as possible."


"HIYA! It's me Harley! I'm off saving the world so leave me ya message, a joke, or something saucy and I'll get back ta ya ASAP!" 

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OOC Information
Player: Al

Contact Information: 
[personal profile] alkapwnd  , [ profile] alkapwnd  , alkapwnd#4721 on discord, [ profile] spacepiratecatdude , or spacepiratecatdude on skype
Harley Quinn!
Canonpoint: Issue 3 of Harley Quinn Rebirth

Late twenties

"I wanna be a big time hero!"

Harley will be granted a life much like the heroes she looks up to including a secret identity, evil arch nemesis, side kick, extra ordinary abilities, and of course...plenty of merchandise. While her normal life may have shades of all these things this will also include earning her the respect of other "real" heroes and even a seat on The Justice League someday.

Oversized Mallet

Outfit: Wonder Woman Harley,
            Nurse Harley (Includes a full body black leotard under the lab coat with a green moss and vine pattern that matches Ivy's. And of course green lipstick.)
» Wonder Woman Cosplay - Deflective bracelets: With an increased agility and defense Harley is able to deflect enemy attacks from herself and people standing directly behind her.

» Nurse Ivy Cosplay - Flower Crowns: Harley has the ability to summon one flower crown that heals basic cuts, scrapes and bruises. On a full soul gem Harley can summon three crowns before she is both exhausted and her gem is darkened enough to be concerning. Also the flower crowns might cause people who suffer from allergies to sneeze so...sorry about that. The flower crowns do not work on Harley and she can only summon one at a time.

» Power Girl Cosplay - Flight: While in her Power Girl outfit Harley has the ability to fly! Wheeee!

fourth-walling? Backtagging? Shipping? Violence?
Absolutely! All of the above! Just ask if you have any questions!
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Player name: Al

Contact info: [personal profile] alkapwndalkapwnd on plurk, Alkapwnd#4721 on discord,

Other characters currently played: Azula, Sandy

Character name: Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel AKA Harley Quinn

Age: late twenties

Canon: Harley Quinn (New 52 Universe starting in 2013)

Canonpoint: Issue 3 of Harley Quinn Rebirth

Background: DC Wiki covering from childhood up to her team up with Powergirl

Wikipedia article that expands upon it some more.

Aside from working with Power Girl, Harley also has a mini series in which she has worked along side Wonder Woman (Her idol from childhood), Zatanna, fought and then teamed up with Green Lantern Hal Jordan, and even traveled in time and space to an alternate history meeting a team of super heroines during world war 2 called "The Bombshells." and in that alternate history she found Hitler and harangued him into killing himself just to get away from her.

After her team up with Power Girl, Harley decided it was too difficult for her to juggle work, managing her apartment building AND fighting crime, so she created a team of girls and one guy called her "Gang of Harleys" who act as heroes for hire going out and fighting crime and corruption. The Gang of Harley's have even had to save Harley from one of the people who auditioned for the team and didn't make the cut. Harley was kidnapped by "Harley Sin" and the Gang had to chase her to a evil lair on an island to save their leader.

With the Gang of Harley's helping balance out her life, Harley finally had time for love, dating the son of one of her tenants. Unfortunately due to his criminal past and her getting aggressive with the Mayor, he was arrested and transferred to Arkham, causing Harley to stage a daring rescue where she finally confronted The Joker. Unable to resist his calling her out, she locked herself in his cell with him and fought him hand to hand, even going so far as to bite his lip off when he kissed her. Proving to herself once and for all she was over him she beat him to the ground and then chose not to kill him because that's what he would want. Unfortunately her boyfriend still had to go into hiding for awhile so she returned to New York heartbroken but with a new sense of self confidence (Which led to her getting a new hair style)

Shortly after that adventure Harley picked up a new stalker named "Red Tool" who was insane and doing his best to court her which almost got her killed. She made amends with him however and he has now joined her list of allies...which was good because a zombie type outbreak hit Coney Island shortly after that (During the DC Rebirth) and she needed his help to fight her way through the streets. He was bitten and in desperation she hacked off his arm to save him, later sending him via catapult to a hospital. After that incident he has not returned her calls. Having survived the Zombie invasion with her friends and family in tact and trying to get her life back on track yet again, we pick up with Harley shortly after the dust has settled, contemplating her life and where she wants it to go.

Personality: I’ll start with what I feel is the largest and most important aspect of her personality; her obsession. Obsession is what drove young Harleen Quinzel to study hard, work her butt off and graduate top of her class from Gotham University (though being very intelligent certainly helped). It's what led her to creating the criminal persona Harley Quinn so that she could better understand the Joker and eventually fall in love with him. And her obsessive love for the Joker led to her committing countless acts of violence towards others. Even now that she’s broken away from her downwards spiral of self destruction, her obsession is still a significant part of her personality and current lifestyle.

For example, she discovered an animal shelter where over fifty animals were going to be euthanized in 24 hours because they had not been adopted out. Rather then just adopt one of the creatures, and be satisfied with that she had to adopt ALL of them. And when she could not do so legally, she impulsively broke into the shelter after dark and stole all the creatures taking them home with her. 

"Harley is a woman searching for an identity and purpose in her life. For example, she created a criminal persona while working at Arkham Asylum, she filled the role of the Joker's air-headed accomplice, and as a member of the Suicide Squad, she became the ruthless criminal psychopath that the team wanted her to be. After the Joker's most recent attempt on her life, Harley began her greatest transformation yet.”

This new Harley Quinn is more thoughtful and compassionate then her previous personas, the kind of person who goes out of her way to rescue animals from abuse or who runs directly into a burning building to rescue the people no one else can. She even tries to offer psychological help to those she sees suffer from similar aliments to herself and has begun talking other criminals through their problems and advocating for them to seek help. Examples of this include Redtool and Harley Sin, who themselves became obsessed with Harley and who Harley vowed to help through the correct psychological recovery.

And when it comes to people she loves and cares about, such as Poison Ivy, she will go to any length to protect them. Harley literally catapulted herself from New York to Gotham City and broke into Arkham Asylum (her least favourite place in the world) to rescue Ivy, risking incarceration, running into her old trigger (Joker) and worse all to try and win Ivy her freedom.

While she does still have that dark side to her, these days she usually only reserves her excessively violent tendencies for other criminals; from creatively dispatching various hired guns who tried to kill her for a bounty, to killing and maiming some local street thugs who were stealing trash cans. When Harley lets her destructive side take hold she is shockingly dangerous to anyone in her path with little concern for societal boundaries and consequences. But she has made progress on teaching herself to temper that wild and impulsive attitude, surprising even her closest friends. For example, when confronted for talking loudly in a theater, Harley didn't respond with violence, but instead apologized for her rudeness and politely escorted herself out."

It all comes down to Harley’s own internal moral compass. Depending on her mood she might show compassion, such as when she spent most of her Christmas Day trying to heal a broken family. Alternatively, she might become more violent, such as when she violently forced an airport staff member into a small suitcase in retaliation for her lost luggage.

Harley Quinn is inspired by the heroics of great women such as Wonder Woman, whom she idolized as a child, or even Poison Ivy, one of her closest friends. These figures have inspired her to be a better person and make a difference in the lives of those around her. One attempt at this was when she discovered an amnesiac Power Girl, Harley crafted a new Superhero persona for herself and told Power Girl they were best friends and a crime fighting duo. This idea was impulsive and thought up in a very short space of time but Harley threw her all into it and actually managed to make it work until Power Girl’s memory returned.

And this is what leads to her wish to become a hero. Harley feels good when she’s helping people, inspiring her to established a gang of hard working and slightly unstable volunteers willing to fight crime and clean up the streets for a fee. And when people can’t pay her in money she’s even been shown to accept more humble and personable forms of payment because at the end of the day it’s about doing what’s right, not about the paycheck (though she does like that bit very much also).

Wish: "I wanna be a big time hero!" Part of Harley's goals since she was little was to do some good in the world even as far back as when she was a nerdy kid being bullied. She idolized Wonder Woman and tried to fight evil like Wonder Woman would...unfortunately by almost strangling the bully and hanging her from a tree using a golden lasso. It is in this line of thought that Harley wishes to be more like the heroes she looks up to, Wonder Woman and Power girl being examples.

And so Harley will be granted a life much like the heroes she looks up to including a secret identity, evil arch nemesis, side kick, extra ordinary abilities, and of course...plenty of merchandise. While her normal life may have shades of all these things this will also include earning her the respect of other "real" heroes and even a seat on The Justice League someday.

Passive ability: Wonder Woman's Deflecting bracelets: Summoning a Wonder Woman costume complete with amazonian bracelets Harley has the ability to deflect attacks from herself and people standing directly behind her. This acts as a buff to her agility and defense specifically when it comes to deflecting shots with her wrist gauntlets. Obviously it is not a perfect shield however and she will not be able to deflect everything, often taking damage the more she tries to deflect.

Active ability: Flower Crowns: Harley has the ability to summon one flower crown that heals basic cuts, scrapes and bruises. On a full soul gem Harley can summon three crowns before she is both exhausted and her gem is darkened enough to be concerning. Also the flower crowns might cause people who suffer from allergies to sneeze so...sorry about that. The flower crowns do not work on Harley and she can only summon one at a time.

Weapon: An oversized magical mallet.

Sample: Here


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How's My Driving?

I do appreciate opinions and criticism from those who actually care enough to offer them.
Please feel free to offer up any thoughts you have on my portrayal.
Anonymous comments are on though I encourage anyone with an opinion to say it openly. I like to think of myself as easy going and relaxed.
Thank you for taking the time to comment, I will give each and every comment attention.
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**Harley Quinn**


[ profile] alkapwnd / /HMD

CHARACTER NAME Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel
AKA Harley Quinn
DC Comics

Age Late twenties to early thirties.

Gem Rhodonite

Permissions Just like Harley, I am up for just about anything but if you have any questions please feel free to ask me.

NOTES Harley will be taken from the end of issue 19 of her current solo series.

Weapon summoning: The Harley Hammer <3 <3 <3 Harley can summon a red and black diamond patterned mallet from her gem and dispel it at will.

Fusion: Harley can fuse with other gems to create bigger stronger forms with combined powers so long as their two personalities are compatible and in harmony.

 Harley can transform her body into other shapes including animals and objects. She particularly enjoys using it for pranks and changing costumes mid conversation.

 Harley has the ability to store items inside her gem. If someone else were to go inside they would find what appears to be a very cluttered warehouse

Glitter Bombs:
 Harley can summon up to three glitter bombs a day. They do concussive damage...and scatter glitter everywhere because that stuff's impossible to get out.

 Harley can transform her mallet into a high powered pogo stick for leaping modestly sized buildings in a single bound!

Binding Streamers:
 With a burst of colorful confetti and streamers Harley can bind an enemy.

code modified from [community profile] cawaii's original
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Player Info:
Name: AL
Timezone: Mountain Time
Contact:, [ profile] alkapwnd  on plurk, ibechibb on AIM and spacepiratecatdude on skype

Character Info:
Name: Dr. Harleen Francis Quinzel A.K.A Harley Quinn
Age: Late twenties to early thirties.

Key Points:

  • Eldest daughter in a family with three younger brothers. Family life was chaotic, loud and oppressively average. Fussy mother, finagling father and annoying siblings
  • Showing a keen interest from a young age in the criminal mind.
  • Falling in love with an emotionally troubled boy named Bernie who murdered one of their classmates in an attempt to win Harley's affection. It worked. He went to prison where he was killed.
  • Attended Gotham University on Scholarships. Threw herself into her studies.
  • Graduated top of her class and lands a prestigious job at Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane.
  •  Went undercover among the prisoner population, Met the Joker, fell in love,  got exposed, lost her job, helped Joker escape.
  • Joker threw her into a vat of chemicals to make her more like him, and then when it succeeded he promptly abandoned her.
  • Heartbroken and nearly killed multiple times by him since then, Harley inherits a Brownstone apartment building on Coney Island and decides to move back to New York.
  • Starting her life fresh she is Landlord of the building, takes two jobs as a psychiatrist, and a gig with a local roller derby team.
  • While juggling all of that she finds out someone has also placed a bounty on her head. Her best friend Poison Ivy helps her track down the culprit. It turns out in her sleepwalking Harley had placed the bounty on herself to lure out all the criminals in town.
  • Harley proceeds to have whacky adventures all while trying to make a better life for herself and become a strong independent (anti?) hero in her own right.
  • For a period of time she travels through space with an amnesiac Powergirl
  • As life spirals out of control for her, she loses her place on the derby team, misses a date with a hot hunk, almost loses her psychiatry jobs and her apartment building needs constant repairs.
  • Harley decides spontaneously to create a band of crime fighters to clean up the streets so that she can focus her efforts on balancing the rest of her life.

Harleen Quinzel had a reasonable enough childhood growing up in a lower class family in Brooklyn New York. The eldest daughter with three younger brothers it was always a challenge for her to find time to study, but she threw herself into those books with a passion because she knew one day she wanted out of that house! Her parents were less then supportive in her efforts but in their own way they helped because she was determined to prove them wrong and become a success.
Her first love came in the form of a young boy named Bernie whom she met at a Halloween Party. Bernie didn't think like other boys, he didn't treat her like a weird freak for her obsession with psychology and the criminal mind. In fact Bernie cared for her so much that he found a girl who had been bullying Harley and shoved her into the path of an oncoming truck. Harley fell in love, Bernie went to juvie. She was heartbroken when she found out he was stabbed and killed in lock up. The only souvenir she has of their time together is a taxidermied beaver she stole from his house.
Graduating college with honors, the young Dr. Quinzell took one of the most challenging positions a psychiatrist could, working at Arkham Asylum for the criminally insane. When even she found it challenging to get the patients to open up to her, she went undercover among the population disguised as one of them. Only one criminal recognized her however, the sociopathic clown known only as "The Joker".
The Joker seduced her, charmed her, and wound her around her finger with his sense of humor and manipulative ways. Eventually the warden was murdered and when the new warden found out about Quinn's project and her obsession, he fired her. This resulted in her breaking the Joker out of his cell and the two of them fleeing into the night together. She was so over the moon about being free of her responsibilities and running wild with him, that she only had second thoughts when he took her to a chemical processing plant and wanted to throw her in a vat to make her more like him. She struggled, he won and chucked her in. The result was her skin became bleached white, her hair stained to the roots in black and red, and her mind fractured. Harley Quinn was born.
Just as quickly as their romance had begun, the Joker abandoned his new creation, leaving poor Harley despondent and directionless. A boon would come in the form of a brownstone apartment building on Coney Island that was left to her by a previous patient. She set off for her new life right away with only a few meager possessions and her stuffed beaver. 
Life in New York hasn't been easy by far, but it has been good for Harley. She hopes to continue her progress in Waverly Bay. 

In Harley Quinn's mind, she is a superhero. Sure she maims, brutalizes and straight up murders some people but it's all in good fun isn't it?
Harley Quinzel was once a respectable, cunning, ambitious woman who at times took herself too seriously. But the value of love and laughter was taught to her at a young age. Once her emotions were warped and twisted by the Joker she buried the more serious aspects of her personality in favor of a light hearted goofball personality, utterly devoted to those she has grown fond of. 
Unflinchingly loyal, Harley's masochistic personality allows her to throw herself headlong into the face of danger laughing all the way, especially if a friend is in need. It can be this overenthusiastic attitude towards chaos however that leads her to take things too far at times. However more often then not she acts as the butt of a joke so that no one else has to feel bad. And while some may perceive her as a ditz, it is a dangerous mistake to under estimate her.
Shockingly brilliant at times, Harley has shown herself capable of outwitting, outmatching and out lasting some of Gotham's biggest and baddest, including befuddling and pestering Batman himself. However when she takes a position as sidekick (Something she has grown accustomed to) she tends fall on her face more and be more easily dispatched. Whenever she gets knocked down though she does her best to laugh at herself and spring back to her feet.
Of note is Harley's madness and addiction to the Joker being major weakness. Even she admits that he's not good for her, but in his presence if he's aiming to charm her there's little she can do to resist the siren call of fun, chaos and mayhem. She is deeply in love with the Joker despite the abusive nature of his relationship, and despite being well aware of how dangerous it is for her she can't help but want to help him.
Harley is motivated by any number of things, a need for fun and excitement, a love for life and love. She's taken to not only reaching for the things she wants out of life but trying to blow it all up into something even bigger and better.
She's not necessarily a bad person, she's just got a sliding scale of morality. While she'd never hurt an innocent kid she's not above knocking Robin with an oversized mallet. She's been known to drag people behind her motorcycle for abusing their dogs, or kidnap and threaten entire families because she thought they weren't visiting their grandmother enough. At one point she even murdered a defenseless old man on a breathing machine because her friend insisted that in the prime of his life he had been a filthy communist spy. While she can occasionally be selfish or thoughtless, she is often compassionate to a fault. 
So maybe in the end she's not so much a superhero, not even an anti-hero so much as an anti-villain? Is that a thing? She might try to make it a thing.

Gem Considerations: Rhodonite: A gem associated with love, compassion and a sense of self worth warding off negative energy and producing a calming effect. It opens the doors for unconditional love, self growth, easing heart break and soothing anger. After Harley got herself out of Gotham City and away from the Suicide Squad she started improving in all of those respects becoming more focused on improving her life and less focused on the man who ruined it. I expect in this game she will continue this trend of finding balance between passion and peace. Healing and growing as a person.

Power considerations:
List Three Powers You Would Like Your Character To Have:
  • Weapon summoning: Mallet

  • Teleportation

  • Shapeshifting

In her own world Harley is faster and more durable then most women thanks to some chemical aid from Poison Ivy. It also made her immune to most poisons (But that did not however make her immune from hallucinations due to chemicals and food poisoning). Becoming a crystal gem would be a power boost for sure and she would be giddy to see it in action. The thrill of a battle, taking risks, getting hurt and growing from it are all part of the thrills she lives for.

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One of the worst things about living in New York City was the weather. The winters were as sharp and deadly as the end of the world and the summer heat could melt the rubber on car tires some years.

So to have a sudden snow storm at the start of June? People noticed.

The epicenter seemed to be localized around a factory that specialized in frozen novelty treats. The police had attempted entree only to find the doors and windows frozen shut.

Because when Dr. Victor Fries wanted to be left alone to his work, he took efforts to ensure it. Such as the parka clad thugs that were roaming the main floor of the factory.

He had locked his test subject in one of the storage freezers to take the fight out of her so he could more easily extra DNA from her. After he had done so he'd thrown her back in and locked the door.

He could let her freeze, but he would not let her die until he had achieved his goals.


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